Apples to Oranges to Chinese Gooseberries: Pledges for the Paris climate talks

October 1, 2015 was the UN's deadline to receive national pledges for the UN Climate Change Treaty to be negotiated in Paris this December. At the end of February, the UN received the first submission — Switzerland's proposal to...

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Faster evaluation in Analytica 4.6

As we celebrate the release of Analytica 4.6 this week, I thought I would share the results of some benchmark timings that I carried out to test how the evaluation speed in 4.6 compares with the previous two Analytica releases.<...

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Analytica 4.6 beta available

The first beta release of Analytica 4.6 and ADE is now available. This kicks off the beta testing cycle for this next release of Analytica and ADE. To see a list of new enhancements, visit What’s New in...

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Expenditure from Santa’s global tour

In a few weeks, Santa Claus will embark on his annual Christmas eve ritual, delivering presents to the good little boys and girls around the world. In this article, I look at the net energy expenditure and greenhouse gas...

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Congratulations to Dr. Max Henrion for Decision Analysis Society's 2014 Best Practice Award




I want to offer my congratulations to my colleague here at Lumina Decision Systems, our CEO Dr. Max Henrion. The annual INFORMS conference took place this week in...

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Announcing Analytica 4.5

Lumina Decision Systems has announced the release of Analytica 4.5.

One change that is sure to garner lots of attention is the new Analytica Free 101 edition. That's right -- there is now a fully functional edition of Analytica...

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Analytica 4.5 beta available

Update 16 Dec 2013: The beta testing period for Analytica 4.5 is now closed.

(Below shows the article as it appeared when posted 2 Aug 2013)

The first beta release of Analytica 4.5 and

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Seeking Principal Analyst and Consulting Lead

Lumina is seeking an experienced consultant in energy or environment to be a leader in our consulting group. You must have:

A graduate degree in science, engineering, operations research, or other quantitative discipline Several years experience working as...

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Analytica 4.4.3 Patch Release

Today we announce the Analytica and ADE 4.4.3 patch release. The patch has an extensive number of fixes and improvements since the 4.4.2 release. We recommend that all Analytica and ADE 4.4 users install and start using 4.4.3.

When you already...

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Is the media wrong about how many Mega-Million tickets were sold?

A few days ago on this blog, in Binomial distribution and Mega-Millions Lottery ROI, I wrote about statistically predicting the number of winners in a lottery, and the impact this has on the mean return-on-investment of a lottery ticket...

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