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Paper or plastic? Solar or wind?  These are often surprisingly hard questions. Analytica is an ideal tool for clarifying and quantifying environmental as well as economic costs and benefits.  Power companies are using Analytica to select the best mix of technologies to meet renewable portfolio standards, and other economic and regulatory needs. Energy equipment companies use it to analyze global demand and help their customers evaluate the return on investment on their products. The US Department of Energy uses Analytica to evaluate its R&D in energy efficiency and renewables. See selected case studies below.

Relocatable Classroom

Stanford University's Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) is a leading research center for virtual design for architecture, engineering, and construction. Caroline Clevenger, a... »more

From controversy to consensus: Decommissioning California’s offshore oil platforms

Should the 27 defunct oil platforms off the coast of California be dismantled? Or convert to artificial reefs for marine ecosystems?  »more

Electrical Energy Storage Valuation Tool

Lumina assisted E3 Consulting to build a tool for EPRI member utilities evaluate the costs and benefits of a wide range of storage technologies, including... »more
UCSD Microgrid

A Campus Microgrid with CHP

Optimizing design and operation of UCSD's microgrid with CHP to add more photovoltaics and support the utility grid. »more
Barclay's Cycle Hire in London

Is City Bike Sharing Good for Your Health?

City bike share programs are increasingly popular methods of improving health, but with increased injury risks and exposure to pollutants, do they actually have a... »more

The Future of the Automobile

Will biofuels, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles or something else transform the US vehicle fleet? How will this affect costs, emissions, and energy imports? Find out... »more
Coffee Carafe

Green Purchasing

Green purchasing offers a way for organizations to reduce their environmental footprint — by considering the environmental impact of products and services in their buying... »more
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