Health and Pharma

Whether you are a public health analyst interested in modeling the health impacts and risks of meat and poultry products or a pharmaceutical company looking to manage the risk and return from the portfolio of your R&D projects, you will find Analytica is an ideal tool for quantifying these issues, and coping with the inevitable uncertainties. To learn about how organizations are using Analytica in these industries, please see the case studies listed below.

Are farmed salmon safe to eat?

Are farmed salmon safe to eat? Finnish Public Health analysts show that eating farmed salmon is much healthier than beef. »more

CITL finds $44 billion in savings

The Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL) showed that computerized order entry software in US health clinics could avoid 2 million adverse drug reactions... »more
Barclay's Cycle Hire in London

Is City Bike Sharing Good for Your Health?

City bike share programs are increasingly popular methods of improving health, but with increased injury risks and exposure to pollutants, do they actually have a... »more
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