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Analytica in the Classroom - A Teaching tool

The Analytica in the Classroom program lets teachers and students use Analytica free of charge as part of a class in an accredited college or university. Professors find Analytica an ideal tool for teaching the art and science of modeling -- because its influence diagrams and Intelligent Arrays encourage users to think at a higher conceptual level without getting bogged down in the mechanics of spreadsheet cells.

Under this program, teachers and students can use Analytica Professional free as part of a scheduled class for the duration of that class (plus a few weeks before and after). We ask in return that you give us feedback on how you used Analytica, and share any relevant curriculum, exercises, or tips that might be useful for other classes.

Note, if you want to use Analytica for educational or research at a school, college, or university, but outside a particular class, or want another edition of Analytica, you can order them at our low educational prices.

Our policies and product prices in the Chinese market are different due to regional issues. Please contact our representative in China directly for information about our products or services.

Why is Analytica good for teaching modeling?

Professors find Analytica encourages students to attend to the big picture - drawing visual influence diagrams to show the decisions, objectives, uncertainties and their relationships - without getting bogged down in spreadsheet cells. More.

How do I learn more about Analytica?

Attend a free webinar with a live demo for Q&A. To sign up please email us

Start using the Analytica Free 101 edition.

For information on using Analytica for research and other educational purposes see our educational order page.

How do I participate?

Please follow these simple steps:

1: Submit Education Information

2: Fax Signed License Agreement

Complete, sign and fax the Faculty Qualification form, to 650-240-2230.

3: Activate Analytica

We will email you the Educational License Code, with  instructions on how to activate your license code, one month before the start date of your class. (If you need it earlier please email us.)

4. After the class, send us feedback

After the class is finished, please email us about how it went, including any curriculum, exercises, or tips that might be useful to others who want to use Analytica for teaching modeling Classes.