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Cubeplan logoCubeplan uses a truly integrated approach to business planning. Most large businesses develop plans using a set of barely connected spreadsheets, so that revising a plan requires complex coordination between departments, often over weeks or months. With Cubeplan, business enterprises can develop and modify integrated plans in minutes.

Cubeplan is built with Lumina's acclaimed Analytica software and runs the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE). Cubeplan can be hosted on our servers or we can install it on your company servers allowing analysts and planners to review, analyze, and modify plans via the web. Cubeplan provides a comprehensive solution for your entire planning needs.

Clarify Decision Making

Cubeplan's innovative approach to planning lets you explore possible future scenarios, and empowers collaboration among your planners and decision makers. It provides an integrated platform for creating a comprehensive understanding of your entire business. 

Understand Business Logic

Use Influence Diagrams to understand the underlying logic of your business planning and clarify the impact of key variables. Avoid wasting your time tracing errors in multiple spreadsheets. 

Explore Business Data

Take advantage of powerful multi-dimensional data cubes and friendly graphical representation to add value to your planning process. 

Empower Business Insight

Stimulate your organization to take an integrated perspective of your business and discover your main business drivers. Link your business models to executive dashboards to gain broader perspectives. Use dynamic maps to explore geographical trends.