AnaSetup.exe (24 MB) Download and run to install Analytica 4.4.4.

Use for any 32-bit Edition of Analytica, including the Free Trial and Free Player.
Includes: Analytica application, plus User Guide, Tutorial and Optimizer guides as PDF files.

You can run it as the Free Player without any activation code.  If you applied for a Free Trial or purchased a copy, we will email you the activation code.

User Guides for Analytica

The Analytica installers, above, each includes these manuals as PDF documents, but you can also download them individually:

AnalyticaTutorial.pdf The Analytica Tutorial (8.3 MB)
AnalyticaUserGuide.pdf The Analytica User's Guide (11.4 MB)
AnalyticaOptimizer.pdf The Analytica Optimizer Guide (4 MB)

You will need Adobe® Reader®, available for free from Adobe, to view the PDF documents. Analytica runs on Windows OS, including Windows 7, Vista, Server, XP, and earlier releases.