Analytica embraces Cloud Computing with 4.4 Release


At Lumina, we are all excited about the recent release of Analytica 4.4 and some of the new and improved features it offers. Over a series of blog entries, we will cover some of the noteworthy features of 4.4. This post is about the Analytica Cloud Player or ACP. Organizations are constantly looking for ways to innovate and develop new systems to engage with clients.  At Lumina we wanted to offer a technology solution that would allow our users to transform the way they collaborate and share models with their colleagues and clients. With ACP, users are now empowered to collaborate via the web in building and using models. ACP (formerly called Analytica Web Player (AWP)) has been improved and more closely integrated with Analytica. You can upload models and manage published models with just one click.  Users can review and run models on their web browser without having to download any software, which means users no longer have to get help from IT to install software. If you are a … [Read more...]